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Learn More About the Effects and How to Recognize the Types of Bullying

Childhood Bullying due to Wearing Glasses
Published by NVision Eye Centers

How to Deal with Bullying Targeting Autistic Children
Published by Elemy

Family Addiction Resources
Published by RehabSpot

Bullying and Substance Abuse Are More Connected Than You Think
The Recovery Village - Camille Renozoni

Cyber-bystanding in context: A review of the literature on witnesses' responses to cyberbullying
Children and Youth Services Review - Kimberley R. Allison & Kay Bussey

Cyberbullying: Prevalence, Stability, and Risk Factors During Adolescence
Canadian Journal of School Psychology

Social Responsibility on the Internet: Addressing the Challenge of Cyberbullying
Raphael Cohen-Almagor - University of Hull

Cyberbullying among college students with disabilities
Robin M. Kowalski, Chad A. Morgan, Kelan Drake-Lavelle, Brooke Allison - Clemson University, USA

Cyberbullying Victimization and Mental Health in Adolescents and the Moderating Role of Family Dinners
Frank J. Elgar, PhD; Anthony Napoletano, BA; Grace Saul, BA; Melanie A. Dirks, PhD;Wendy Craig, PhD; V. Paul Poteat, PhD; Melissa Holt, PhD; BrianW. Koenig, MS

Longitudinal and Reciprocal Relations of Cyberbullying With Depression, Substance Use, and Problematic Internet Use Among Adolescents
Journal of Adolescent Health 53 (2013) 446e452

White House conference on bullying prevention: Overview of cyberbullying
Sameer Hinduja & Justin W. Patchin

Cyber victimization and adolescent self-esteem: The role of communication with parents
Yalçın Özdemir - Asian Journal of Social Psychology

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