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Learn More Abouts the Effects and How to Recognize the Types of Bullying

Cyber-bystanding in context: A review of the literature on witnesses' responses to cyberbullying
Children and Youth Services Review - Kimberley R. Allison & Kay Bussey

Cyberbullying: Prevalence, Stability, and Risk Factors During Adolescence
Canadian Journal of School Psychology

Social Responsibility on the Internet: Addressing the Challenge of Cyberbullying
Raphael Cohen-Almagor - University of Hull

Cyberbullying among college students with disabilities
Robin M. Kowalski, Chad A. Morgan, Kelan Drake-Lavelle, Brooke Allison - Clemson University, USA

Cyberbullying Victimization and Mental Health in Adolescents and the Moderating Role of Family Dinners
Frank J. Elgar, PhD; Anthony Napoletano, BA; Grace Saul, BA; Melanie A. Dirks, PhD;Wendy Craig, PhD; V. Paul Poteat, PhD; Melissa Holt, PhD; BrianW. Koenig, MS

Longitudinal and Reciprocal Relations of Cyberbullying With Depression, Substance Use, and Problematic Internet Use Among Adolescents
Journal of Adolescent Health 53 (2013) 446e452

White House conference on bullying prevention: Overview of cyberbullying
Sameer Hinduja & Justin W. Patchin

Cyber victimization and adolescent self-esteem: The role of communication with parents
Yalçın Özdemir - Asian Journal of Social Psychology

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